Help with PowerPoint Presentations

Help With DOSITS Power Points

This document gives help for some common issues with the PowerPoint presentations available on the DOSITS website. If your problem is not described here, consult the online help in PowerPoint or the Internet help at Microsoft’s web site.
The PowerPoint presentations from DOSITS are free to be used in an educational setting. However, they may not be redistributed or reused without permission. This includes posting on any other web pages (including personal or school web pages) or redistribution in any other electronic or print medium. If you modify the PowerPoint or use only certain slides please continue to credit the DOSITS web site and the original authors.

Sounds or movies do not play when I copy the PowerPoint to my hard drive.
All of the PowerPoint files on the DOSITS CD have additional files for sounds and movies that PowerPoint needs to access to play the sounds. If these sound files are not present in the same directory as the PowerPoint File, then the sounds and movies will not play. Therefore, each PowerPoint has a directory (folder) with all of the necessary files. When trying to run the PowerPoint you must have the ENTIRE FOLDER with the PowerPoint. If you alter the PowerPoint or only use selected slides, you will need to make sure that the appropriate sound and/or movie files are available for the sound or video to play properly.

I copied the entire directory (folder) but the sounds still do not play.
PowerPoint may not be able to find the sound or movie file, even if you have the entire folder. If this occurs and PowerPoint asks you where the file is, browse through the directory with the PowerPoint file and indicate the correct file. You may need to manually reinsert the sound into PowerPoint. use the insert sound/media menu item. If you are unsure how to insert a sound into PowerPoint, see the PowerPoint help in the program.

Additional notes about the DOSITS PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Versions of PowerPoint before Office 2000 will not play animated GIFs. To see the animated GIFs go to the web pages linked to in the PowerPoint notes.
  • All of the PowerPoint presentations use Times and Arial fonts. If for some reason these fonts are not installed on your system
  • PowerPoint will pick replacement fonts. The replacement fonts may not look right.
  • A few slides have movies on them. Those movies may not play. To get the movie to play, reinsert the movie.
  • In the PowerPoint presentation, there are notes for each slide. To look at these notes, view the Notes Page. These notes include brief descriptions of the slide and a web link for the related DOSITS page, which will contain further information on the topic of that slide. These note are only a brief outline of each topic. For a complete understanding of the subject matter please refer to the website.
  • Inside of the folder for each PowerPoint is an additional Word document. This document contains the outline notes for each slide of the PowerPoint. The notes from each slide have been copied into Word for easier viewing. In the word document, the numbers on the left side of the page are the slide numbers of the corresponding PowerPoint. To avoid confusion read through the PowerPoint and the Word document prior to using the slide show.


PowerPoint is a trademark and product of the Microsoft Corporation. You must own a licensed copy of PowerPoint to use the PowerPoint files from DOSITS.