2024 Webinar Series

Underwater Acoustics: 2024 DOSITS Webinar Series

The DOSITS Team facilitates a free, four-part webinar series on underwater sound. Each webinar is scheduled for approximately 60 minutes and is comprised of a presentation by one or more experts (topics listed below), followed by a facilitated discussion. The webinar series is open to all interested individuals; however, registration is required (see below).

Webinars are hosted via Zoom; however, a YouTube link is also available for the live event to registered participants.

All webinars are recorded and archived on the DOSITS website. Recordings are not available on YouTube, only the live events.

DOSITS offers a Certificate of Professional Development in association with the 2024 Underwater Acoustics Webinar Series. To receive a certificate, interested individuals must:

  • Participate in all four of the webinars in the 2024 series  (either via the live webinar events, or watching webinar recordings once posted to the DOSITS website)
  • In addition to webinar participation, after each webinar, interested individuals must complete a brief, post-webinar questionnaire. The link will be sent to webinar registrants.
    • Each webinar will have its own survey to complete (each questionnaire will have a unique link).
    • Individuals must use the same full name and email address in their post-webinar questionnaires as they used for webinar registration.
  • To confirm questionnaire completion, please note, email addresses will be collected so that a copy of questionnaire responses can be sent to individuals interested in receiving a Certificate. These questionnaire responses will serve as a receipt of completion for each webinar questionnaire.  Participants are encouraged to save these emails/files as a record of their program participation.

There are no fees associated with this certificate.

Registration for the 2024 webinars is below. Registration will be for each webinar, individually.

If you have any questions, please contact the DOSITS Team at (dositswebinar@uri.edu).

Upcoming 2024 Webinars

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