DOSITS Webinar Privacy Policy

About this Policy

This privacy policy explains how DOSITS collects, shares and uses Personal Information collected for the DOSITS Webinar Series for the International Regulatory Community and how you can exercise your privacy rights.

Information DOSITS Collects

DOSITS uses MailChimp  as our marketing platform to collect and store registration information for the DOSITS Webinars. DOSITS collects the data you provide to us and MailChimp will collect some information automatically (such as web cookies, etc.).

The information DOSITS collects consists of name, email, country, plus additional information broadly describing your role in the regulatory process.

Use of personal information

DOSITS uses the information collected only for the DOSITS Webinar communication, scheduling, troubleshooting, and topic selection, unless you opt-in to allow us to use your name and email to contact you about other DOSITS topics. This includes contacting registrants about surveys related to the Webinar Series.

Sharing of information

DOSITS does not share the personal information collected for the Webinars in any way, with any other entity. Anonymized general information about DOSITS Webinar registrants is shared with our advisors and funders and in public presentations. An example is how many people registered for the DOSITS Webinar are from Canada.

Data retention

DOSITS will retain the information collected from DOSITS Webinar Series registration where we have an ongoing legitimate business or legal need to do so. Otherwise, DOSITS will delete personal information one year after the end of the Webinar Series.

Data management

Your personal data may be managed through the “unsubscribe” links to MailChimp provided in DOSITS Webinar registration emails. From those links you may choose to stop receiving emails. Data backups may still retain personal information. Data backups are stored securely. Please see MailChimp’s policies for additional details.


DOSITS is located in the United States in the state of Rhode Island and operates as part of the University of Rhode Island. MailChimp also operates in the United States. Your information will be stored in the United States.


If you have questions or concerns please contact DOSITS through the contact email at the bottom of this webpage or though the MailChimp links.