Webinar Archive: Acoustic Propagation Modeling

Acoustic Propagation Modeling

May 12, 2022

Dr. Thode’s research interests include marine mammal acoustics, advanced acoustic signal processing, and geoacoustic imaging, inversion, and tomography. His recent research has covered the following topics: (1) demonstrating automated detection, classification, and tracking methods of migrating whales in the Beaufort Sea and Hawaii, in order to determine how animals adjust their calling rate and source level in response to natural and human-generated noise; and (2) using vector sensors to map spatial distributions of bioacoustic activity on coral reefs and diffuse ambient noise in arctic waters.

In 2005 Thode received the A. B. Wood Medal from the UK’s Institute of Acoustics, “for distinguished contributions in the application of acoustics.” In 2002 he received the Office of Naval Research’s Acoustic Entry-Level Faculty Award. In 2008 he was elected a Fellow in the Acoustical Society of America, and in 2011 he was awarded the Medwin Prize in Acoustical Oceanography by the same society, recognizing “a person for the effective use of sound in the discovery and understanding of physical and biological parameters and processes in the sea”. He is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, and a technical advisor to the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission.

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