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There are many other careers that may involve underwater acoustics that don't fit neatly into the traditional science disciplines.
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An acoustician is someone who specializes in the study of sound. Many people mistakenly believe that acoustics is strictly musical or architectural in nature. On the contrary, acoustics is the interdisciplinary study of sound, and the field is very dive
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Commercial Diver
Commercial divers build, repair, and inspect structures that are underwater.
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Commercial Fisher
The commercial fishing industry includes any industry or activity concerned with taking, culturing, processing, preserving, storing, transporting, marketing or selling fish or fish products.
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Marine Educator
Marine educators work in a variety of creative ways to teach people of all ages about marine science and ocean conservation.
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Marine Lawyer (marine law professional)
Marine lawyers work on the laws and policies that govern ocean and coastal resources.
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Physical Oceanographer
Physical oceanographers seek to understand why, where, and how water moves, and the consequences of these movements
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Plankton Biologist
Plankton Biologists study plankton to understand many other things about the ocean, such as changes in fish stocks, pollution, and climate
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ROV Pilot/Technician
Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), are underwater robots that are tethered to a ship and piloted by a crew onboard the vessel.
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Zoologists are biological scientists that study the study the characteristics, behavior, and habitats of animals